“Thank you for helping us go to a deeper level of communication and clarity with our beloved Aura. We have been feeling even closer since the talk we shared. All the levels of support you contributed are sincerely appreciated. In kinship."  – B.A.


“Thank you for the wonderful session yesterday. We already feel a deeper connection to Scout. Your guidance and intuition are beautiful gifts. Blessings."  – C.B.


“I wanted to tell you that Banana Max has passed away. Grateful am I to to you who helped, ultimately, to bring home his message to me - ‘you are either coming from a place of love or from a place of fear.' In the end, I hope, love.”  – A.K.


“Thanks again for all your support during Jewel’s transition. Much of the information I was getting from her, but hearing it from you made it very clear and objective for me. Peace."  – K.S.


“Thank you for sharing your gift with animals with Gabriel, Ajax and I . I feel confident with your support that we can continue to give Ajax even more of what he needs to be more secure, comfortable and at peace.”   – C.W.


“Thank you so much for your communication with my horse. It is very helpful to know his point of view and make it my #1 goal for his health and  happiness. Many thanks."  – C.C.